11th April 2019 – The new mini-guides of the Pozzo della Cava underground caves, designed for the little ones, are available at the ticket office: seven characters for seven rooms, seven stories related to the well and the Cava district, whose protagonists have been admirably illustrated from XaNa (Alessandra Roticiani).

They range from Bonifacio VIII to Clement VII, from Mastro Giorgio to Margherita, the protagonist of an attempt of violence that died in the waters of the Pozzo della Cava, from the blacksmith Giovanni to the couple Donna Violante and Giacomo called “Sweat-free G”.

Each in its own way linked to the caves and the oldest quarter of Orvieto.

The mini-guides (in reality maxi accordion leaflets in which the protagonists directly address young visitors) are available in Italian and English, thanks to the translation work by Daniel Morris.