Starting from Friday 1 April 2022, subject to new provisions of the Government, for access to the Pozzo della Cava archaeological complex:

  1. NO Covid Certificate NEEDED;
  2. No reservation IS NECESSARY if the visit takes place during normal opening hours; obviously reservations (online, in person or by telephone) are possible (and recommended for large groups) and allow you to bypass any queues;
  3. Until April 30, 2022, Visitors must MANDATORY wear for the entire visit the FACE MASK of the type provided for by the regulations in force, correctly covering their mouth and nose, except for the courtyard, where it is possible to remove it respecting the interpersonal distance;
  4. However, the correct use of the face mask is still RECOMMENDED even after 1 May 2022, in particular in the event of gathering;
  5. IT IS NOT REQUIRED to maintain interpersonal distancing along the entire path of the caves (however, the use of a mask, correctly worn, is strongly recommended);
  6. There are several sanitizing gel dispensers available along the entire route, in particular at the entrance, at the exit and near the bathrooms, for anyone who does not have one or does not want to use their own;
  7. The management reserves the right to check the body temperature of visitors using an infrared thermoscanner, preventing access to those who have a temperature higher than that provided for by national protocols;
  8. The staff of the structure is available for any clarification on access methods, for detailed information on the protocols of sanitation, sanitation and ventilation of the rooms or for special needs.