Useful information to visit the Pozzo della Cava archaeological complex

a journey through the underground caves of the medieval quarter to discover twenty-eight centuries of “Orvieto way of life”

  • Freedom and safeness: for the visit to the Pozzo della Cava no reservation and no special equipment or clothing are required, each room has its own independent entrance and exit and air intakes to the outside; there is also an additional emergency exit before the big Etruscan cave
  • Tickets: it is possible to purchase tickets for the Pozzo della Cava archaeological complex and the Carta Orvieto Unica directly at the entrance to the archaeological complex; several sites and platforms offer the possibility of pre-purchasing tickets online (here the list)
  • Information and usability: the main archaeological findings are provided with explanations in Italian, English, French, German and Spanish, enriched with curiosities and insights; at the entrance, summaries are also available in Japanese, Dutch and Russian
  • UNESCO WaMu Net: from 2023 the Pozzo della Cava archaeological complex is a member of the prestigious UNESCO Global Network of Water Museums
  • Dedicated to the little ones: we have created paper mini-guides for children, with seven very special characters who accompany the young visitors along the caves with their stories [available in Italian and English]
  • Culture for Family: since 2024 the Pozzo della Cava archaeological complex has received the Umbria Culture for Family label, reserved for family-friendly cultural places and events
  • Four-legged friends: the Pozzo della Cava is one of the Italian pet-friendly archaeological areas, so your furry little friends are allowed
Orvieto Carta Unica

Carta Orvieto Unica

Carta Orvieto Unica – The key to the City is the combined ticket to visit the monuments and museums of Orvieto in the most convenient way: – Cathedral [naves, transept and St. Brizio Chapel – MODO [Cathedral Museum] – «C. Faina» Etruscan Museum – National Archaeological Museum – Necropolis of Crocifisso del Tufo – «Orvieto Underground» guided tour – St. Patrick’s Well – Pozzo della Cava – Torre del Moro [Clock Tower] also having numerous discounts in participating shops and restaurants

It’s possible to buy the card online or at all the ticket offices of the participating museums, including the Pozzo della Cava – adult card € 20.00 – reduced € 17.00 [students | over 65 | groups +15] – free for children under 10 New cards (available only for purchase online): – full thematic cards € 15.00 – reduced thematic cards € 10.00 [minor students | over 65 | groups +15]

Rules of conduct for visiting the Pozzo della Cava archaeological complex


All visitors are required to observe behaviour in accordance with common rules of good manners.
In general, behaviour and actions that may endanger the safety of the exhibits, the facilities, other visitors and/or staff are not permitted.


  • Visitors who are under 12 years of age must be accompanied; all minors who enter independently must do so with the express consent of their parents or accompanying adults;
  • A moderate tone of voice should be maintained;
  • Mobile phones should be switched off or silenced;
  • You are asked to report any dog droppings accompanying you, so that staff can carry out disinfection operations;
  • It is recommended not to bring in duffel bags, bulky backpacks, trolleys or any other objects that, in the opinion of the security staff, must be left at the entrance or in the cafeteria-bookshop area.

However, it is absolutely forbidden:

  • Touching the exhibits or showcases or approaching objects that could damage them;
  • Leaving the paths prepared for the visit or climbing over the railings;
  • Impeding the correct and complete enjoyment of the entire complex and the exhibits by other visitors;
  • Consuming food and drink within the visit route;
  • Smoking or using electronic cigarettes;
  • Abandoning any type of waste outside the appropriate containers;
  • Introducing any type of weapon or dangerous material;
  • Damaging or tampering with facilities, infrastructure and services in any way;
  • Entering and remaining in a state of intoxication or under the influence of drugs;
  • Displaying material that obstructs the visibility of other visitors or interferes with emergency signs or otherwise obstructs escape routes to exits;
  • Engaging in aggressive acts towards other visitors or control personnel.

No liability is accepted for any accidents that may occur as a result of distraction or failure to or incorrect compliance with our regulations.

Latest news

Aperitivo Storico per Orvieto in Fiore 2024

Aperitivo Storico per Orvieto in Fiore 2024

Doppia visita e doppio assaggio nel cuore del quartiere medievale, dove Olmo e Serancia si toccano.
Visita guidata al piccolo santuario mariano della Madonna della Cava e al complesso archeologico del Pozzo della Cava, con degustazione di vini di Orvieto abbinati a pietanze ispirate al Cinquecento del secondo cantiere del pozzo e al Seicento del restauro barocco della chiesa.