Rates and agreements

because Pozzo della Cava ticket is valid after the visit, too!


  • admission: € 4,00 per person
  • riduced: € 2,50 per person *
  • free under 5

At the ticket office are avaible mini-guides for children with the caves told by the seven characters of the Pozzo della Cava

La Bottega del Pozzo and the courtyard have free admission

On request: guided and thematic tours, tastings, practical demonstrations of crafts or food and wine, mini-courses, workshops…

The Pozzo della Cava is included in the Carta Orvieto Unica and in the “Middle Ages” and “Underground” thematic cards

* Reductions on the admission fare to the caves of Pozzo della Cava [€ 2.50 per person instead of € 4.00] are for:

reductions are not cumulative

Presentation of a ticket for «Pozzo della Cava» entitles you to a discount on a full admission ticket to St. Patrick’s Well | «Orvieto Underground» | Narni Underground | Alviano Oasis | Alviano Castle | Lubriano Naturalistic Museum

Online ticketing

Entrance tickets can be purchased directly at the ticket office (at the entrance to Pozzo della Cava), or online at:




Entrance ticket to the underground archaeological complex of Pozzo della Cava


€ 4 full ticket
€ 2,50 reduced


Pozzo della Cava,
St. Patrick's Well,
«Orvieto Underground»,
Etr. Necropolis


€ 15 full rate
€ 10 reduced


Pozzo della Cava,
Archaeological Museum,
Museo Faina,
Etr. Necropolis


€ 15 full rate
€ 10 reduced


All the Orvieto's museums and monuments in a single ticket - valid for one year


€ 25 full card
€ 20 reduced

Warning: tickets and tour packages available online are sold by external vendors indicated in square brackets; we therefore invite you to refer to the relative platforms for details, payments, cancellations and billing - we remind you that the admission tickets to the Pozzo della Cava archaeological complex can be purchased directly at the ticket office at the time of entry, where combined "Carta Unica" cards are also available until sold out, while the "underground" and "Etruscan" tour packages can only be purchased online or at the Orvieto Carta Unica ticket office in Piazza Cahen