1. Admissions are guaranteed from 9 am to 19.40 from Tuesday to Sunday;
  2. On Monday, the access is guaranteed by reservation, visitors without a reservation are still allowed in the free turns between different bookings;
  3. The entrances are possible every 10 minutes, to avoid gatherings and allow the necessary sanitizations;
  4. Each turn is allowed to enter one person or family (or group not subject to social distancing) up to a maximum of 6 people at a time;
  5. Visitors with reservations (online, by telephone or in person) take precedence;
  6. Visitors without a reservation or with an expired reservation are allowed according to the availability of the remaining turns and in any case taking into account the order of arrival;
  7. In case of need, extraordinary times are foreseen, always respecting the staggering of the entrances every 10 minutes;
  8. Visitors are obliged to disinfect their hands and / or to wear disposable gloves available in the ticket area;
  9. The management reserves the right to check the body temperature of visitors by means of infrared thermoscanner, preventing access to those who have a temperature higher than that required by national protocols;
  10. Waiting is possible by maintaining the social distancing guaranteed by appropriate signs on the ground for any queues outside the ticket office;
  11. For the exit through the courtyard, the emergency exit, the access to the sales rooms and the toilets, there is a signage on the ground for social distancing;
  12. For security reasons, access to the part of the courtyard set up with tables and chairs is only possible for customers of the cafeteria and / or restaurant business after booking or checking the availability of seats;
  13. For any clarifications or special needs, please refer to the contact details of the structure.