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Pontius Pilate

The prefect of Judea

Many doubts weighed on Pontius Pilate and his difficult choice, from the dreams of his wife Claudia Procula to the prophecies of the Magi, from the responsibilities of the Governorate of Judea to other mysteries we will investigate together…

from 23 December 2025 to 11 January 2026

The right-hand man

The right-hand man

What can Joseph’s faithful helper, who remained in Nazareth to run the store when his master left for Bethlehem and then Egypt, tell us?
What and how many secrets of the Holy Family will he know and be able to reveal to us?

from 23 December 2026 to 10 January 2027

For the following years we already have many ideas, some of which have yet to be fully examined. We are also ready to receive proposals; the address to which to send suggestions and notifications is

Every five years the theme of the Angel returns, although declined each time in a totally different way. The next edition with the suspended angel of light inside the Pozzo della Cava is scheduled for Christmas 2024.