La Bottega del Pozzo

complete the experience with a dip in typicality

While many Italian museums and monuments were shrinking their exhibition spaces to equip themselves with bars, bookshops and other activities for visitors, Pozzo della Cava found themselves having to face the reverse path, reducing the historic family restaurant to make room for the tour of the underground caves.

La Bottega (store) del Pozzo, at the exit of the caves, is accessible regardless of the visit to the archaeological complex and it offers interesting hints to fully enter the typicality of Orvieto and its typical products, whether they are food, wine or craft.

A space for meetings and small exhibitions, the inner courtyard, a bookshop corner dedicated to local publishing and the new ceramics workshop complete the general offer of this unique and strange store.

La Bottega (store) del Pozzo

Via della Cava 26 | 05018 | Orvieto | Italy
+39 0763342373 |