Drink and eat at the Pozzo della Cava

taste, discover and buy the typical exclusive products of La Bottega del Pozzo


Inevitable, at the exit of the hypogeum of the Pozzo della Cava, a small cafeteria where stopping, refreshing yourself with the homemade wine made as in the past or the DOC labels of the Pozzo della Cava, or relaxing with an herbal tea or a good cappuccino, perhaps leafing through the selection of books from the bookshop corner, or refreshing yourself from the summer heat with a drink under the pergola of the courtyard …


The small “historic” trattoria of the Pozzo della Cava is the ideal place for those in search of the simple flavors of the past, such as the typical handmade “lombrichelle”, or the real homemade wine, to be savored in the warm atmosphere of the tuff, perhaps sitting at the “table of the brave” on a crystal trap door above the Etruscan cistern,  or, in fine weather, under the wooden gazebo of the courtyard

WINE (and spirits)

La Bottega del Pozzo has a line of typical products selected and made specifically for the Pozzo della Cava, each combined with a character.  

  • POZZO DELLA CAVA – Orvieto Classico DOC dry [with Pope Clement VII looking for water for the well]
  • POZZO DELLA CAVA – Orvieto Classico DOC amabile [with Giacomo “Sweat-free G” and the reimbursement for the works of the well]
  • FORNACE DELLA CAVA – Rosso Orvietano DOC [with Mastro Giorgio and his precious “ruby red” for the “lustreware“]
  • MADONNA DELLA CAVA – Passito wine [with the blacksmith Giovanni who makes the church vane]
  • AMARO DEL POZZO – third in the ranking of Italian bitters [with Margherita and the officers finished in the well]

The ironic illustrations of the “seven characters of the Pozzo della Cava” were designed by XaNa for the labels of the typical products of the well and for the mini-guide of the undergrounds made for the little ones. It starts with the popes Bonifacio VIII and Clement VII, passing through the blacksmith Giovanni and the young Margherita threatened by the French officers, to reach the famous ceramist Mastro Giorgio and conclude with the spouses Donna Violante and Giacomo, called “Sweat-free G” because of the his proverbial laziness.

(Xana’s portrait by Rocksyou Photography)

La Bottega del Pozzo

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