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discover how a territory can tell itself with the ceramics and books of La Bottega del Pozzo


La Bottega del Pozzo offers essentially three lines of artistic ceramics:  

  • OWN PRODUCTION – the ceramics produced by the Pozzo della Cava workshop
  • CERTIFIED REPRODUCTIONS – handcrafted copies of the finds from the two hystoric kilns
  • THE BEST OF OUR TERRITORY – exclusive lines of the best local potters proposed in rotation in the “temporary sale” space

books (and souvenirs)

We could not give up a bookshop corner with publications, monographs and souvenirs. To the classic guides and books about history and traditions of our territory, we have also added a selection of the local publishers’ products, ranging from essays to typical recipes, from poetry collections to the Orvieto narrative. The offer is completed by selected quality handmade souvenirs, such as the mini-bottles of water from the well, the “cavajoli” owls, the handmade mini-cribs and the magnets made by our ceramic workshop.

a dip to the heart of Orvieto’s medieval quarter

Our book, starting from the numerous findings of the caves of the Pozzo della Cava, leads to the discovery of the Cava quarter, the oldest district of Orvieto, and tries to go further: in space, suggesting unusual routes inside the city and outside; over time, telling historical episodes and legends of the Orvieto of the last twenty-eight centuries; in the soul, inviting to discover the traditions and the experience of a people, in a continuous interweaving between yesterday and today, between noble and plebeian, between above and below ground. [The book is available in Italian only]

La Bottega del Pozzo

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